Acrylic Fibers

Acrylic staple fibers Substandard
  • Ecru & Spun dyed
  • Dtex: 1.3 to 4.5
  • Cut Length: 30 – 60 mm
Acrylic Tow Substandard
  • Ecru: Semi dull, Bright & Dope dyed
  • Dtex: 1.7 to 3.3
  • Ktex: 55 – 100
Homo Polymer Acrylic Tow & Fibers

Homopolymer acrylic fiber is a high strength fiber developed for technical applications. Compared to normal textile acrylic copolymer fibers, homopolymer acrylic shows higher modules and tenacity resulting in better temperature stability and chemical resistance.

Homopolymer acrylic is used extensively in nonwoven filter media
  • Excellent chemical resistance for application up to 125°C
  • Fiber blends for enhanced performance
  • Excellent hydrolysis resistance
  • Fibers do not melt

Used mainly in the temperature range 90 to 125°C in the presence of moisture/steam and mild acid conditions where polyester would fail due to hydrolysis.

Product description:
  • Fiber content: Homopolymer Acrylic
  • Continuous operating temperature: 125°C (275°F)
  • Maximum surge temperature (dry): 150°C (300°F)
  • Acid resistance: Good
  • Alkali resistance: Fair

Ecru: Bright
Dtex: 1.0 to 3.00
Cut Length: 38 to 44 mm

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