INDOTEK profile

Indotek was established to process and produce Technical Yarns. The company started processing Para Aramid fiber in 1996. This was mainly being exported to companies in Germany and UK on long term contract basis. At that time, there was no real consumption of these fibers in India. Technical Textiles was not established.

In 2004, when the demand for Technical Spun yarns arose in India, Indotek was the first to step in. Taking the expertise of its EU associates we started producing Technical Spun Yarns in India. The demand was too small to sustain a regular business, therefore export markets were looked into. A grood response was received and the export of Technical Yarns was started to Germany in 2014.

Simultaneously the company started to produce fabrics from these Technical yarns in 2007, which was helpful in supporting the ongoing business.

Our long term relations with EU companies helped us develop tailor made yarns and fabric for their end users both in India and for export. Our product is exported to China, Germay, UK, Blegium, USA and Turkey.

Currently Indotek produces Para Aramid Spun yarns, Meta Aramid Yarns, Pre Oxidized Yarns in blends with Para Aramid/Nylon 66 and other fire retardant materials.

Currently 50% of our turnover is generated through exports.

Tex & Twist is the brand registered and patented by the owner Mr Rajiv Sajdeh and is extensively used by Indotek. The brand has a good recall and reputation in India and overseas.

Contact Person
Mr Rajiv Sajdeh
Contact Number +91 98153 59955
Contact E mail Personal : rajiv.sajdeh@texntwist.com