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Welcome to Tex & Twist

M/S TEX & TWIST was started in the year 1994, to primarily cater to the growing demand of textile raw material for the spinning industry in India. It started coordinating sales for European traders of old rags and synthetic waste for the spinning industry in Amritsar and Panipat.

Over the years we built a reputation of fairness and quality control for all supplies coming to India. Our buyers could fearlessly purchase goods from suppliers whom we had shortlisted.

The demand for Acrylic and Viscose fibers in India was high which the domestic industry was unable to fulfill. Quality suppliers, who could delivery on a regular basis, were developed by us for our India counterparts.

The year 2000 saw a changing face of India. Our country was fast emerging as an exporter and not just a net importer. Our relation with the traders in Europe bore fruit and they used our services to source raw materials for their spinning and weaving requirements. This included recycled polyester, cotton waste, cotton yarns, woolen yarns, and a range of other products.

2001 -2004 saw the company enter into high performance textiles field in a unique way. We saw an opportunity in recycling high performance fibers, which carried a premium if this was correctly done.

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